Post Easter

Now that Easter has come and gone, it’s time to forget about Jesus dying on the Cross to save me from my sins and get back to sinning again; and boy is life ever better when I can commit a few sins here and there without feeling guilty about Jesus suffering a Crucifixion just to save me from the fires of hell.   Sinning is what brings a bit of excitement to an otherwise boring day of retirement.  Looking forward to a few sinful pleasures is what convinces me to get out of bed every morning.  Now that I’m retired and don’t spend all of my time attending business meetings, commuting to and from work, doing chores for my wife, playing with the kids on the weekend, frequenting family functions, and struggling like hell to find 4 available hours to sleep every day, I have finally arrived at that moment in life where I have time to commit a few juicy sins.  Just thinking about the 7 great sins makes me smile.  Let’s see, next time I see my Republican buddy, Bill, I’ll be sure to be as annoyingly vain as I possibly can while pointing out what greedy sons of bitches all of the republicans are and how hypocritical they are when attempting to convince us that the richer they get the better it is for America; and next time I talk to my richest buddy, John, I’ll be sure to soothe my envy by speculating how great it’s going to be when Bernie becomes President and redistributes his wealth to those who can’t find a job; and next time I play bridge against that smug bitch,  Joyce,  I’ll be sure to yell at her for the slightest infraction of the rules; and tonight I’m going to dine at Maggiano’s and stuff myself and drink a couple of glasses of IPA and oh, my God, that will just be the beginning of my evening.  But, oh yeah…thank you, Jesus, and I hope You understand.


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