Old is the new old

So, after creating this blog and posting 8 times, I’m feeling kind of like I felt after discovering the evil ways of the flesh.  Not to put down flesh, because flesh is actually an amazing element of anatomy, however, let’s be honest…flesh is always in selfish pursuit of attention just like bloggers are!  Yeah, it’s the same bullshit dance where I pretend to be interested in your blog because I really want you to read my blog not because I’m the slightest bit interested in your blog, but because I’m hoping you’ll make me feel really good by reading my blog and telling me how great it is and giving me one of those thumbs-up “like” signs.  No wonder this experience has left me cynical, self-loathing, and feeling older than ever.  Yes, I’m old!  But who cares?  Old is the new old and guess what?  Being old is not all that different than being young.  I have blogging to thank for this insight.   Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, and the rest of social media are nothing but an attempt to force our agenda down every one else’s throat.  Word press is nothing but a bunch of shitty writers like me trying to impress other shitty writers.   Oh wait!   Let’s attack old people because they’re inferior to young people.  Old people are cynical, unimportant, fat, wrinkled, impotent, ugly, boring, stupid, prejudiced, and worthless.   And young people are what?  Open-minded, beautiful, brilliant, exciting, fun, and hot as hell?  Dream on!  You’re as unimportant as I am.   Oh, wait!  No you’re not!  You have 28 “likes”, 1352 followers, and three feature articles on Word Press!  Congratulations!   Because of your successful blog, your ideas will live forever.


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